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Due to the wide influence of Italian and Greek immigrants in American culture, the United States has developed quite a large number of regional forms king pizza of PIZZA, many bearing only a casual king pizza resemblance to the Italian original. During the latter king pizza half of the 20th century, PIZZA in the United States became an iconic dish of king pizza considerable popularity, and may have contributed to the decline of the British pie heritage previously common in American cuisine. New York-style PIZZA is king pizza a style originally developed in New York king pizza City, where PIZZA is often sold in oversized, thin and flexible slices. It is traditionally hand- tossed, king pizza moderate on sauce, and moderately covered with cheese essentially amounting king pizza to a much larger version of the Neapolitan style. The slices king pizza are sometimes king pizza eaten folded in half, or even stacked, as its size and flexibility may otherwise king pizza make it unwieldy to eat by hand. This style of PIZZA tends to dominate the Northeastern states and is very similar to the basic style common through the United States and known simply as PIZZA. It is often king pizza referred to as pan-style PIZZA , but king pizza king pizza note that PIZZA king pizza Hut's "Pan Pizza" is a thick-crust variety. Many PIZZA establishments king pizza in the king pizza king pizza New York metropolitan area offer two varieties of PIZZA : "Neapolitan", or "round", made with a relatively thin, circular crust and served in wedge- shaped slices, and "Sicilian", or "square", king pizza made with king pizza a thicker, rectangular crust and served in large, rectangular slices. * Chicago-style PIZZA, or Chicago- style deep dish PIZZA, contains a crust which is formed up the sides of a deep-dish pan. It reverses the order of ingredients, using crust, king pizza cheese, filling, then sauce on top. Some versions king pizza (usually referred to as "stuffed") king pizza have king pizza two king pizza layers of crust with the sauce on top. Deep-dish PIZZA was purportedly invented and first served in 1943 at Pizzeria Uno, which is king pizza king pizza still operating along with its twin restaurant, Pizzeria Due, in the River North neighborhood. * Chicago-style thin crust PIZZA has a thinner crust king pizza than Chicago-style deep dish, and is baked flat rather king pizza than in a deep dish pan. The crust is thin and firm king pizza enough to have a noticeable crunch, unlike a New king pizza York-style PIZZA, yet thick enough to be soft and doughy on the top. The crust is invariably topped with a liberal quantity of king pizza southern-Italian style tomato sauce, which is usually quite herbal or highly king pizza spiced, and typically contains no visible chunks of tomato. Next, a layer of toppings is added, and a layer of king pizza mozzarella cheese which frequently separates from the bottom crust due king pizza to king pizza the quantity of tomato sauce. Chicago-style thin crust PIZZAs are cut into three- or king pizza four-inch squares, also known as "party cut," as opposed to a "pie cut" into wedges. The small size of the squares makes it unnecessary king pizza to fold the slices. Chicago-style PIZZA king pizza is prevalent throughout the Midwestern USA. * St. Louis-style PIZZA is a variant of Chicago-style thin crust that is popular in and around St. Louis, Missouri. king pizza The most notable king pizza characteristic of St. Louis-style PIZZA is the distinctively St. Louisan provel cheese used instead of (or rarely in addition to) the mozzarella common to Chicago-style thin crust. The PIZZA has a thin, round king pizza crust, as opposed to Chicago's deep-dish style or New York's pan-style. The crust of a St. Louis PIZZA is somewhat crisp and king pizza cannot be folded easily, and is typically cut into three- or king pizza four-inch squares instead of king pizza the pie- like king pizza wedges typical of other PIZZA. It is often salty and seasoned with more oregano king pizza than other PIZZA types. Despite its king pizza king pizza thin crust, it can be layered deeply with many different toppings. Sauces tend to have a sweetness to them, some more noticeably than king pizza others. The two largest St. king pizza Louis-style king pizza PIZZA chains are Imo's king pizza PIZZA and Cecil Whittaker's Pizzeria. * California- style PIZZA (often termed in the United States gourmet PIZZA ) refers to PIZZA with non- traditional ingredients, especially those that use a considerable amount of fresh produce. A Thai-inspired king pizza chicken PIZZA with king pizza peanut sauce, bean sprouts, and shaved carrots is a popular variant in California-style PIZZA restaurants, as king pizza are PIZZAs that use chicken and barbecue sauce as toppings. Duck, spinach, and goat cheese are king pizza also used. The California king pizza PIZZA Kitchen chain of king pizza restaurants was influential in popularizing this style. Greek PIZZA is a variation popular in New England; its name comes from it being typical of the style of pizzerias owned by Greek immigrants. king pizza It has a thicker, chewier crust and is baked in a pan in the PIZZA oven, instead king pizza of directly on the bricks. Plain olive king pizza oil is a common part of the topping. Variations in other parts of the country include using feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and Greek herbs such as oregano. * Hawaiian PIZZA has Canadian bacon king pizza and pineapple toppings and king pizza is especially popular in the Western United States. Ham and pineapple is also king pizza a popular topping combination in Australia, but notably not in Hawaii. This type king pizza is also common within the EU as PIZZA king pizza Hawaii.

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