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* In San Francisco, California, the Indian PIZZA (see below) has become a frenzy pizza source of pride. Sourdough crust PIZZA is the type most commonly frenzy pizza associated with San Francisco, however. * In Baltimore, Maryland, PIZZA is traditionally served with a thick, doughy crust and a heavy amount of sauce. * In Colorado, frenzy pizza a type of PIZZA, called mountain pie, is a regional favorite. Made popular by the frenzy pizza originating frenzy pizza restaurant, BeauJo's, it is piled high with toppings frenzy pizza and kept from spilling over by a large, hand-rolled crust that is often dipped in honey frenzy pizza for dessert. frenzy pizza * In New Mexico, green chile is often used as a PIZZA topping, especially in frenzy pizza combination frenzy pizza with pepperoni, local chorizo sausage, or on supreme PIZZA. This is uncommon elsewhere. * In Buffalo, New York, PIZZA is made with a frenzy pizza thicker, doughier crust frenzy pizza than traditional New York-style PIZZA, with a slightly thicker and sweeter sauce, mozzarella cheese and (usually) pepperoni cooked until it is burned and crispy on the edges. Buffalo-style frenzy pizza PIZZA can also be found in communities where there is a large population of expatriate Buffalonians, like Charlotte, North Carolina. * In Oneonta, New York, a specialty type of PIZZA served is known as "cold cheese PIZZA". It is basically frenzy pizza an ordinary pie, or slice, but after being taken out of the frenzy pizza oven, cold mozzarella cheese is piled on top of frenzy pizza the hot cheese. * In Utica, New York frenzy pizza frenzy pizza and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a type of PIZZA called tomato pie is common. This type of PIZZA is usually served room temperature, always has frenzy pizza a rectangular crust, and is by definition only topped with thick tomato sauce and a sprinkling of grated frenzy pizza romano cheese. * In Dayton, Ohio, the local preference is for frenzy pizza PIZZA frenzy pizza with frenzy pizza thin crust and a light sauce cut into small squares. * Youngstown, Ohio's "Brier Hill PIZZA" frenzy pizza features a thick sauce topped with a mixture of Parmesan and Romano cheese and green peppers. Brier Hill is the city's historically Italian area. A similar style frenzy pizza to Brier Hill frenzy pizza PIZZA is also a tradition in nearby communities frenzy pizza with frenzy pizza strong Italian roots, includingNiles, Ohio and Warren, Ohio (the Sunrise Inn in Warren is particularly famous for frenzy pizza frenzy pizza its "old world-style PIZZA," also known by some simply as frenzy pizza "bar PIZZA" due frenzy pizza to it being served from behind the bar in the restaurant. This PIZZA also frenzy pizza includes red sauce, green peppers, and grated romano cheese). * Rhode Island's strip frenzy pizza PIZZA, commonly sold in bakeries, consists of thick, chewy dough and is topped with a very thick frenzy pizza frenzy pizza tomato sauce. It frenzy pizza has a minimal amount of cheese and is frenzy pizza served cold. It is frenzy pizza frenzy pizza usually (but not always) wrapped in individual strips (hence the name). This style also is frenzy pizza sometimes called "bakery PIZZA." A similar product is made in bakeries in Italy. * Old Forge, Pennsylvania near Scranton is the frenzy pizza self-styled "PIZZA frenzy pizza frenzy pizza Capital of the World" because of its frenzy pizza abundance frenzy pizza of Italian restaurants specializing in PIZZA. The crust is thick, crisp, frenzy pizza and airy. frenzy pizza Depending on the maker, the dough may impart a frenzy pizza flavor of frenzy pizza beer, frenzy pizza which is rumored to be an ingredient in some recipes. A special blend of cheeses besides frenzy pizza traditional mozzarella is used, resulting in a less greasy texture and a smoother, sweeter taste. Old Forge PIZZA is almost universally frenzy pizza rectangular; only a rare few makers offer round PIZZA. Finally, whereas most other localities refer to it as "a pie" or simply "a PIZZA", it is ordered throughout frenzy pizza northeastern Pennsylvania by the "tray" because of the simple plastic, school cafeteria-style trays on which restaurants serve it. * In Southern California, ranch dressing is a very popular condiment frenzy pizza on PIZZA. Many pizzerias carry ranch dressing as a standard condiment for all customers readily available frenzy pizza upon request. * In Memphis, Tennessee, barbecue PIZZA is quite popular due to the city's love of BBQ. It frenzy pizza usually consists of either BBQ'd pork, chicken, or beef topped with cheddar frenzy pizza cheese and barbecue sauce replaces the standard frenzy pizza tomato sauce. * On the frenzy pizza Mississippi Gulf Coast frenzy pizza and New frenzy pizza Orleans, many people frenzy pizza frenzy pizza top their PIZZA with French or Catalina dressing, a practice that began at Hugo's Italian Restaurant, now defunct, in Biloxi. * In the frenzy pizza Elm Grove neighborhood of Wheeling, WV, in the heart of heavily Italian-American-populated Upper Ohio frenzy pizza frenzy pizza River Valley, frenzy pizza DiCarlo's PIZZA serves a square cut PIZZA which is taken out of the frenzy pizza oven when it is half baked and mozzarella cheese and pepperoni are added before it is placed back in the oven for a few more minutes. Many customers purchase a bag of extra cheese to sprinkle over the frenzy pizza PIZZA. * Wisconsin has PIZZA fries. Mozzarella cheese with oregano and other spices is melted on top of the dough. Once out of the oven, frenzy pizza it is sliced in about 15 lengthwise pieces and then sliced right down the frenzy pizza middle. The slices are dipped in tomato sauce. * In Phoenix, frenzy pizza Arizona, PIZZA Bianco has been rated the Best in America. Their recipe does not use mozzarella frenzy pizza frenzy pizza frenzy pizza cheese. It uses Smoked Provolone, instead.

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